Why our Padded Grips Rock

Why our Padded Grips Rock

Introducing the latest and greatest innovation in Pickleball technology: a padded grip. When we set out to create the world's best pickleball paddle, we realized one of the first pieces we needed to innovate was the handle.

See, most other paddles have grip tape that resemble, well, tape-tape. They're not padded, they peel after a few games, and they aren't particularly slip-resistant. In short - they suck.

As we designed a better grip for the Signature Paddle 4.0, we realized we just need to do the exact OPPOSITE of what everyone else does.

So, our grip has:

  • A true layer of padding underneath the grip tape to keep your hand comfortable and collected during a hard drive
  • The best adhesive (our) money could find!
  • An intricate texture of grooves, edges, and bevels to keep your hand from slipping - even if you sweat!

Experience the game changing comfort and performance of our premium padded grip - only in the Signature Paddle 4.0 by club.

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