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Our Top Tips for Beginner Pickleball Players

Did you know that pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in the country? It’s true! This super addicting game, which is a combination of badminton, tennis, and ping-pong, had an estimated 36.5 million players from August 2021 to August 2022 — and it’s only getting more popular by the minute. An influx of new players means there are a lot of beginners looking to improve their game and become more competitive.

If you recently started playing pickleball, you’re probably picking up new tips and ideas every time you hit the court. To add to your growing pickleball knowledge, we compiled some of our team’s best pickleball tips for beginners. Read on to see what else you can do to level up your game.

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5 Tips for New Players That Will Drastically Improve Your Game

From learning all about the kitchen to picking the right pickleball rackets, there’s a bit of a learning curve when you’re a beginner. Following these pickleball tips will make you a pro in no time!

  1. Wear the Right Gear

    pickleball equipment and gear - pickleball tote bag, hat, shirts, and more

    Preparation for an awesome game or practice begins before you even set foot on the court. You’ll want to wear clothes you can comfortably move around in, just like any other sport. There’s no set uniform you need to wear, which makes pickleball so accessible for everyone. Just put on your favorite exercise clothes and some supportive shoes then you’ll be ready! Check out our gear and apparel if you’re looking for some seriously comfortable pickleball clothes, from t-shirts & hoodies to hats & accessories. Club. paddles’ gear will keep you looking great both on and off the court!

  2. Keep Your Paddle Up

    people hold pickleball paddles in ready position - pickleball tips for beginners

    If you’ve watched experienced players, you’ve probably noticed that they all do one thing: hold their pickleball rackets up, close to their chest, and ready to hit the ball. Following this one simple rule gives you an advantage because you’ll have quicker reaction times. This position is often referred to as “ready position.” In this stance, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart with your knees slightly bent, and all your weight on the balls of your feet. Instead of letting your pickleball paddle hang at your sides, lift it up and in front of your body. In ready position, you’ll be prepared for anything coming your way.

  3. Perfect Your Serve

    Unlike tennis, a serve in pickleball is hit with an underhand stroke. It may be difficult at first, but perfecting your serve is one of the first skills you should do when learning how to play. Both feet must be behind the baseline before you hit the ball, and you’ll serve diagonally crosscourt. The serve must land in the opposite service area. Otherwise, it is considered out of bounds. Eventually, everyone develops their unique style of serving, and the best way to get there is to keep working on it!

  4. Get to the Net

    Pickleball court with best places to stand - tips for beginning pickleball players

    One of the most commonly-asked questions among beginners is, “Where should I stand on the court?” After the ball has been served and you are in play, the goal is to get as close to the kitchen (also known as the non-volley zone line) as possible. Standing just outside the kitchen puts you in the strongest position on the court. Once you’re there, you’ll be able to return the ball quickly, keeping your opponents on their toes. Just make sure you stay out of the kitchen–you can only go in if the ball bounces inside the kitchen!

  5. Practice!

    Practice makes perfect, right? Grab some buddies and head to the nearest courts to get in some practice time. Take it easy and take the time to learn a lot of the basics. What’s another great way to learn pickleball? Do some drills! Pickleball drills are exercises that are designed to focus and improve on specific skills, allowing you to really become a master in a short period of time. There are plenty of pickleball drill suggestions floating around to try. Check for locations in your city for pickleball camps where you can learn the basics and drills of this amazing sport. No matter how you get your practice in, the most important thing is that you do it.

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Our Final Tip? Only Play With the Highest Quality Paddle

Give yourself the advantage by choosing the best pickleball rackets on the market from club. paddles. Not only do beginners play better with high-quality pickleball rackets, but the paddle is also an investment that will last a long time. Throughout our many years of playing pickleball, we’ve had time to test and manufacture the best graphite pickleball paddle on the market. Our paddles are made with soft graphite and polypropylene for easy control and response. Comfy faux leather grips mold to your handprint over time and only get better with use.

At club. paddles, we’ve got it all! From the best pickleball paddle for beginners to custom pickleball paddles, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for from our wide selection of cool paddles.

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