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Signature Paddle 4.0


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Upgrade your game with the Signature Paddle 4.0
Each paddle has:
  • Our premium high-grit paddle surface for increased ball spin
  • A light yet durable honey comb core giving you plenty of power in every hit
  • An expanded, more detailed padded grip for maximum comfort and extra control
With thousands of paddles sold and an average star rating of 4.8/5 you can shop knowing you won't be screwed - our paddles are the real deal.
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High-Grit Surface

Each paddle is finished with a precise mixture of sand and oil that gives our paddles their signature high-grit surface.

Not only is our proprietary coating extremely spin prone; it's super durable, and won't chip or rub-off after a few games like many other paddles' surfaces.

Balanced Core

You never know what'll happen each point, which is why we designed our paddles to be as versatile as possible.

Whether you're dinking at the net or trading back-line drives, our paddle's medium-weight core is sure to provide all the finesse or power you need.

Premium Padded Grip

Experience the game changing comfort and performance of our premium padded grip - only in the Signature Paddle 4.0 by club.

This new and improved grip features

  • An extra layer of padding underneath the grip tape to keep your hand comfortable and collected during a hard drive
  • The best adhesive (our) money could find!
  • An intricate texture of grooves, edges, and bevels to keep your hand from slipping - even if you sweat!

FAQs - Signature Paddle 4.0

What comes with the pickleball paddle?

What's included? A pickleballl paddle and a woven cover
  • Your paddle of choice
  • A woven paddle cover


What are your paddles made from?

We curated the perfect blend of materials to make the best all-around pickleball paddle. Long-lasting and made to adapt to your unique grip, our court-tested, unique pickleball paddles are one of the best investments you can make in your game.

Our pickleball paddle faces are made from soft graphite for easy control. Inside, our cores are made from responsive polypropylene for ultimate durability that moves with you and the ball. Our grips are comfortable faux leather that mold to fit your unique handprint over.

Signature Paddle 4.0 Dimensions

  • Length: 15 2/3 in.
  • Width: 7 4/5 in.
  • Thickness 16 mm (13mm core)
  • Weight: 7.9 oz.

  • USA Pickleball determined the combined length and width of pickleball racquets, including any edge guard and butt cap, should not exceed 24 inches, while the length shouldn’t exceed 17 inches.